Our menu has been crafted with care for you.

We specialize in delicious food creatively prepared to fit many different budgets from an intimate dinner for to, to a grand wedding or reunion.

Carved Station $12 per person per item selected

(all per person food costs without labor or servers)

1. Caramelized crusted Roasted beef
(Savory Peppercorn Port Demi sauce)

2. Rosemary garlic Prime rib
(w/ herb au jus and horseradish cream sauce)

3. Mustard and herb rubbed pork loin
(W/ Pineapple, mango, jalapeno chutney)

4. Carved Herb roasted Turkey Breasts
(w/ cranberry& rosemary turkey demi sauce)

5. Sliced Marinated Flank steak
(W/ wild mushroom burgundy cream sauce)

6. Honey Glazed Boned in Ham
(W/ a pineapple brown sugar chutney)

7. smoked salmon loin

All selections include a 20% carving station attendant fee