Our menu has been crafted with care for you.

We specialize in delicious food creatively prepared to fit many different budgets from an intimate dinner for to, to a grand wedding or reunion.

Mexican Taco Station $12.00PPS


1. Cumin and chili Seasoned ground beef ( full of those bold Mexican flavors)

2. Chipotle marinated shredded chicken( Smokey and delicious with just the right amount of heat)

3. Slow braised shredded pork carnita (melts in your mouth and packs a flavorful punch)

4. Jalapeno & lime marinated shrimp(Perfect blend of heat and refreshing flavors)

5. Cuban rubbed white fish mixed with Jalapeno salsa

Fresh chunky guacamole (made from scratch with perfectly ripe avocados)

Fresh chipotle salsa (Made from scratch mild)

Diced red onions
Ripe Diced tomato
Fresh sliced cilantro
Yellow Mexican rice
Creamy savory refried beans
Cool refreshing sour cream
White hot queso cheese sauce
Mixed Mexican shredded cheese
Crisp shredded lettuce
soft and hard taco shells
Warm fresh Tortilla chips