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We specialize in delicious food creatively prepared to fit many different budgets from an intimate dinner for two, to a grand wedding or reunion.

Winter Meal Prep Menu 2019

5 meals: $60.00
10 meals: $110.00

( Delivery charge $10.00 within 10 miles of sandy springs 10.00 after )

Pick 1 protein & 2 sides per meal

1. Seared salmon with lemon butter sauce

2. Turkey meat loaf: savory turkey meatloaf with a zesty tomato glaze

3. Citrus grilled chicken breasts: 6oz marinated chicken breast seasoned with a citrus rub

4. Sauteed shrimp with herb butter

5. Rosemary grilled thigh leg quarter: marinated thigh leg quarter seasoned with rosemary and garlic

6. Beef pot roast: Tender pieces of beef cooked slow with vegetables and garlic

7. Broiled wings with spicy lemon pepper sauce

8. Bourbon glazed beef Meatballs

9. Grilled boneless pork chop: marinated and seasoned 6 oz slice of pork loin grilled

10.Rotisserie grilled chicken wings

11.Salmon croquettes ( diced salmon formed into a patty and pan seared


1. Sauteed cabbage

2.Cheesy scallop potatoes

3. Baked sweet potato

4.Quinoa with brown rice

5.Garlic mashed potato

6.Mashed sweet potato

7.Spanish yellow rice

8. Riced Cauliflower



1.Lemon pepper green beans

2.Roasted broccoli with herb butter

3.Sauteed corn

4.Sauteed Kale & spinach greens

5.Cauliflower Au gratin ( chopped cauliflower in a cheese sauce)

6. Sauteed zucchini and squash

7.Baked butter nut squash

8.Grilled asparagus

9.California blend vegetables ( cauliflower, broccoli, and carrots sauteed in garlic butter)


Vegan/ Vegetarian

1. Black Beann Stuffed Portebello mushroom with chipotle sauce served with riced cauliflower

2. Cauliflower Steak( vegan/ Vegetarian) a large slice of cauliflower seasoned and grilled

3. Sauteed tofu veggie stir fry

4. Stuffed bell pepper( vegan/vegetarian) Bell pepper stuffed with rice, tomato, garlic, red beans, and herbs

5. Black Bean Burger( vegan/ vegetarian) savory black bean burger patty seared and topped with sauteed onions and mushrooms


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